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SomnoTest™ is an app for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® Touch designed by CogSci Apps Corp. for the purposes of scientific research on sleep onset and insomnia.

SomnoTest is used by sleep researchers at universities and by participants in their research studies. Data collection for the research project with MacEwan University of Alberta, Canada is expected to commence in January 2015. Other universities will be listed below when or before their data collection commences.

SomnoTest account invitations and credentials

To get an account (username and password) to login to SomnoTest, you need to have received an invitation from the Principal Investigator of the study at the university you are enrolled in. And you need to have filled out the research consent forms with her.

If you are not a participant in a study we recommend you use the mySleepButton app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; otherwise, please contact

Sleep researchers who are interested in using SomnoTest or mySleepButton for their research should contact

Participating universities

Researchers at the following universities are either designing studies or conducting studies that use SomnoTest.

Technical Support for SomnoTest

Please visit the SomnoTest Technical support web page if you need help with SomnoTest.

For information about SomnoTest data collection and storage please read or privacy policy or email

Terms of use of SomnoTest.


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