Technical Support for SomnoTest

SomnoTest is an extremely simple app. All you need to do is lie in bed with your iPhone nearby, push the “Put Me to Sleep” button, listen to the words that are presented to you, and imagine them one at a time.

To hear the content played by SomnoTest, treat it as if it was any other app you’d listen to at night. (For example, the iPhone’s Music or Podcast app.) You can either (a) use the speaker on your iPhone or iPad, (b) connect the iPhone or iPad to a set of speakers, or (c) use a headset.

Safety precautions. If you use a wired headset, for safety: ensure that you only use one earpiece, and that there is no person between the earpiece and the phone (which one normally places on or in a night table. Never use a wired headset in bed while there is a child in the bed.

For more information or help using this app, please contact or contact the Principal Investigator.

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